With a history rooted in ancient Chinese pottery - making, Porcelain is in high demand because it is beautiful and impervious to scratching, heat and liquids.

Designed to provide unique style and strength, the technology behind these new porcelain plates exceeds all expectations.


They are extremely tolerant to high temperatures and are also highly resistant to acids and stains.


It is the perfect material for a light and airy appearance without any maintenance.


Porcelain is an incredibly and versatile material and it is recommended for both residential and commercial property installations.


  • – It is the perfect choice to create stunning countertops for outdoor Kitchen And Fireplaces.the porcelain used to create countertops is very durable and essentially scratch-proof as well as heat-proof
  • – similarly, porcelain countertops are very stain-resistant; unlike porous materials such as granite or quartzite, liquids and even chemicals will not penetrate porcelain easily
  • – porcelain countertops are resistant to UV light, making them popular for outdoor kitchens and fireplaces
  • – you don’t have to continually seal porcelain countertops as you do with other materials like quartzite; they are very low maintenance


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